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2007-07-19 12:12:17 by onestaridiot

Hellow there, i know you have been missing me.... on of the underdogs of newgrouds, i was and still am, but who care, i like what i make and you guys don't have to like, making music is like therapy for me, doing something different than playing WoW or doing homework, it works relaxing



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2007-07-19 12:26:34

Voters are always undisclosed.


2007-07-19 13:38:17

peopleshould vote fair..
even if you downvote because 'you' didn't like it.. if it'snot your style is fair..
but people who just vote to be a bitch are very weak hearted and should be unvoiced ><

onestaridiot responds:

hehe this post made me thinking =) jup it's true:
"people who just vote to be a bitch are very weak hearted and should be unvoiced "

- onestaridiot


2007-10-10 10:32:06

Ain't the first time it happened. Even I get downvotes. There were legitimate ones (like the time I really screwed up the mixing of a song), yeah, but there are just those who bitch around.

The score is just a number; the art is what really matters.


2008-08-19 19:06:13

U getting zero bombed too? I've been making music for well over a year now and im still getting zeroed on my new submittions, but the 5 team saves me alot. I voted 5 on ur newest and hope you get more 5's and happy faces too. I suggest ask the 5 team for help (kr1z being the leader) and maybe they can help.

Good Luck,


2008-09-19 21:21:37

don't quit NG!!! your happy jazz song is wonderful! keep up the awesome work! there needs to be more talented people on NG!!!


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